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Venue: Harris Center for the Arts

Venue Info

Venue Address

10 College Pkwy, Folsom, CA 95630, USA

Dates and Times

02/27/20 - 02/29/20

7:00 PM  -  9:00 PM

Ticket Info

Ticket Cost:

$16.00 - $48.00

The Tempest

From magic, a storm; from a storm, vengeance; from vengeance, virtue. The dramatic themes of Shakespeare’s The Tempest resonate more strongly with every passing year. Five brilliant British actors — coming from such prestigious companies as the Royal Shakespeare Company; the Royal National Theatre of Great Britain; and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre — will come to the Folsom Lake College campus for one week, providing students with once-in-a-lifetime experience: to learn Shakespeare from masters of the art form and to experience the Bard as actors, students of the theater, and as people. Developed by Professor Homer Swander at the University of California Santa Barbara and co-founded by the renowned British actor, Patrick Stewart, Actors of the London Stage will demonstrate how well they know their profound subject by performing The Tempest in its entirety, with each actor staging multiple roles. It’s thrilling to watch a world-class actor flick from character to character, with a slight shift in voice or movement, capturing the depth of Shakespeare in such direct and yet revealing form. You’ve never seen anything like it, and you don’t want to miss it.